We can seldom anticipate at the outset of any job what variables might be encountered, save to observe that nearly every job is more complex, and therefore more expensive, than it appears.

Based on our skilled judgement, we may replace components which others would advocate repairing, or we may repair components which others would advocate replacing. We do not necessarily use the most or the least expensive parts and materials: we use the ones best suited to the particular job.

We do not perform unnecessary work. We have gained the trust of our customers by performing only the work that was requested or necessary. We will advise you of anything we see during our time with your car which needs attention from either the standpoint of cost savings or safety. We will not deliberately overlook a needed repair which can be economically performed in the course of the work order, unless specifically instructed to do so.

Owning a nicely restored Ford Mustang is its own reward. Ownership usually involves a lot of do-it-yourself labor, yet people seldom have all the skills, tools, and facilities required. Horse Heaven helps to close that gap by providing the hobbyist with someone who can perform the tasks not within the owner's reach. We are seldom asked to undertake the entire process of restoration, simply because of the costs involved.
- For one ten-hour day, with three people on a job, at $60 per hour, we can bill up to $1,800.
- One person working on your car for one 40-hour week results in a labor bill of $2,400.

Many parts are not available new, and despite our network of parts sources, we are not always immediately successful in locating reputable sources. While we take all precautions possible, we may also at times incur and pass along costs associated with un-useable, incorrect, or duplicate parts.


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