We have a great deal of experience with classic Ford Mustangs and related cars, enabling us to more quickly diagnose and repair your car when repairs are needed. We may not choose the cheapest or the fastest methods, but we intend to produce the best results at all times.

Owning a classic car usually means doing much of the work yourself. Hobbyists often work together on their cars, in conjunction with local car clubs. These clubs and hobbyists are not our competition: Horse Heaven recognizes and encourages the vital importance of do-it-yourself hobbyists and car-clubs to our business. We support the Pacific Northwest Mustang Club, and encourage you to join this organization or a club near you.

While we strive to be aware of the best sources for parts for your car, we are at the mercy of those who manufacture, market, distribute, package, and ship them. The techniques and materials for producing parts in limited quantities often differ from those used by Ford thirty-plus years ago. Batch-lot productuion is the norm, and we are often forced to wait for the next batch.

Please understand that Horse Heaven is subject to taxation from Washington State departments of Revenue, Labor and Industries, and Employment Security, as well as Federal employment taxes and withholding regulatons which apply to every hour each of our employees works, whether or not that hour is billed.

We also pay for the computer and internet services that make this website possible, safety equipment, electricity, fuel, hazardous waste disposal, telephone, tools, equipment, buildings, fixtures, education, reference materials, research time, accounting, filing, records, shipping, office materials, licenses, permits, mileage, property taxes, and maintenance of sufficient inventory to allow us to complete the work on your car.

We have invested thousands of dollars in modern tools and equipment to make the work we do on your car as good as it can be. Paradoxically, we have thousands more invested in vintage equipment: the equipment that was designed for use on your classic Ford product. These are the tools called for in the service publications of the time, and they remove much of the guesswork associated with the techniques that a modern shop might be forced to employ.


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